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Continuing on the theme of antiseptic and hygienic shaving brushes, today we have George A Schmidt’s shaving brush container. Schmidt held several patents, most of them on soap dispensers. So it is perhaps not a big surprise that his shaving brush container was also meant to contain some of his own antiseptic soap.

Made out of glass, porcelain, or an other material suitable for holding water, the main body of George’s invention was of a sufficient size to be used as a shaving cup. It was threaded on the top to accept a threaded sheet metal lid. In the lid there was a hole, closed with a rubber gasket. The gasket fitted around the handle of a shaving brush, making a substantially tight fit. And in the bottom of the container there would be room for some soap too.

George points out that the whole device could not only provide a means by which the shaving brush could be conveniently carried from place to place. It could also be an all in one solution, giving the traveling shaver easy access to a shaving cup and soap at the same time. Which I have to admit sounds kind of handy, at least if you made sure to let things dry before putting the lid on.

Patent drawing from US patent 851,443, showing George's shaving brush container
Patent drawing from US patent 851,443, showing George’s shaving brush container

And the shaving brush container was hygienic too. To quote from the patent:

…I particularly intend to use my improved container in connection with an antiseptic liquid soap of my manufacture, and when used with such soap or any other antiseptic soap it has the greatest advantages, in that when the brush is sealed up within the container as illustrated, the soap, which can be left within the container, completely disinfects the entire structure and the material of the brush, thus preventing any of the common infections arising through shaving.

From US patent 851,443

I have to wonder just what George was putting in his soaps, since the off-gassing would be enough to disinfect the brush, cup and lid. Perhaps best not to think too hard about it…

Overall I see no reason why George’s shaving brush container wouldn’t work. Although I am sceptical about the claim that leaving soap in the cup would disinfect the whole kit and caboodle. But the idea of a shaving brush holder that would double as a shaving mug is a nice one.

You can probably make an approximation of George’s invention at home. A mason jar or canning jar – or a Norgesglass, if you live in Norway – some sheet rubber, and rubber cement should be all your need.

You can read the whole patent for George’s shaving brush container at Google Patents.

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