Out with the new, in with the old

We’ve made a art of this horology
To the point of a new theology
I say to hell with modern technology
And we embrace analog mythology!

Abney Park, Throw them overboard

Wetshaving is one of those hobbies where ‘new’ does not imply ‘better’. And at the same time, it is one of those hobbies where there is a practical limit to how many things one can enjoy at the same time. So therefore I’ve decided to take a ‘new’ razor out of my regular rotation, and put an ‘old’ razor in.

The new is the Merkur 39C slant, which has been in my rotation for over a decade now. It was the second razor I bought, and is a very good shaver. But as I only have so much physical room in the drawer that holds my in use razors, out it goes.

The old is the ‘Airline Tech‘, that I got New In Box this spring. It’s a lovely looking razor, and Techs do have a good reputation for nice shaves. I’m very excited to put it through it’s paces. starting yesterday.

So… out with the old new razor. In with the new old razor. And so the circle of life – and shaves – continues.

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