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A couple of days ago we looked at a method of increasing the longevity of the cutting edge of steel cutting instruments… or a razor drying container, if you like. But this is far from the only patent for such a useful device. Or, in the case of Patrick Sassano’s invention, abandoned patent application for a razor drying container.

Like Henry in 1918, Patrick in 2013 wanted to make his razor last longer by storing it in a dry spot. Or as the patent text states:

…the present invention pertains to a new and novel razor storage container that is useful for maintaining a razor within an otherwise humid environment without exposing the razor blade to excessive moisture and resulting corrosion.

From US20150059197A1

The patent application text rightly points out that humidity is the enemy of a sharp razor. It also points out that a razor is a useful appliance for personal grooming. I feel that last point is self evident and rather obvious.

I’m not sure how new and novel the idea of a razor drying container can be said to be… even if the execution might have been. The texts goes into some detail on the prior art, claiming none of them divided the container into an upper and lower half. To ma that do’t sounds like a major leap, nor does it sound non-obvious.

But back to the moisture. Patrick wanted to keep the razor dry by placing it in a specially shaped box. One or more shaped pounced of desiccant filled the space not taken up by the razor or the plastic insert.

One thing that were missing from Henry’s 1918 patent, that is present in this one, is a moisture indicator. This would show a user when it was time to replace or dry out the desiccant. On the other hand, Henry’s patent had space for blades, while Patrick neglected making room for extra cartridges.

But the absolutely worst aspect of this invention is the fact that is is made for a cartridge razor. Thankfully that ought to be fixable by changing the shape of the razor holding insert.

You can read the full patent application on Google Patents.

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