Colgate Shaving Lather

If you ask the average person around where I live what Colgate makes, the answer will be toothpaste. A hundred and eleven years ago the answer might have been shaving cream. Or shaving powder. Or even shaving stick – Colgate did all three according to this 1912 advertisment.

Colgate's 1912 shaving lather advertisement
Colgate’s 1912 shaving lather advertisement

All three resulted in a lather that was – according to the copy – softening, soothing, and sanitary. The difference was the form factor – you could get your Colgate Shaving Lather in the form factor that you preferred.

I think my preference would be the stick. Or possible the cream. But I also have a fondness for the odd and oldfashioned, so maybe the powder… yes, definitly the powder, since I only have one kind of shaving powder in my rotation so far.

But since a trial size stick, cream, or powder cost only 4 cents – 1.23USD / 1.15€ / 0.99£ today – you can try all three. Or could, one hundred and eleven years ago. These days… well, there is always the Colgate toothpaste. Not sure if I would use it for shaving though.

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