Old Swedish van with Gillette Advertisement

So I was rummaging around the internet again, when I spotted a pair of interesting old photos.

I’m not going to try to identify the car, but there is a few things we can learn even without knowing the brand and model.

Firstly, the vehicle is clearly in Sweden. The advertisement is in Swedish, and the licence plates are Swedish pre-1973 plates. The vehicle was registered in Stockholm, based on the plate number.

The picture is – most likely – from the Second World War, since it has a wood gas generator mounted on the front bumper. A lot of cars in Europe – both in allied countries, occupied countries, and neutral countries, was converted to run on gas and wood gas due to the severe shortages of gasoline.

The slogan – “Börja dagen rätt – börja med Gillette”1 actually rhymes when read in Swedish. And honestly, it’s better than “the best a man can get” that they were pushing when I started to shave.

So, all in all, a Swedish van from the War with a catchy Gillette slogan on the sides. Not bad from randomly clicking stuff on the web.


  1. “Start the day the right way – start with Gillette”

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