As the year turns…

This is it. We’re about to change how we write the date again. And if experience is anything to go by, it’ll be February before I remember to write 2023 instead of 2022.

The last couple of years have been rough for us all. Not only have we had – and still have – a pandemic to contend to, but there is a hot war in Europe. As y’all know, the russian regime figured out that Might Makes Right,1 and decided to invade Ukraine because Ukraine didn’t want to be a russian puppet state. And as y’all know, this have affected all or Europe, and most of the world.

But one thing that hasn’t changed is my interest in traditional wetshaving. Both in the actual shave, which provide a much needed moment of Zen every day, but also also in the history of shaving. History expressed, as it were, in the patents and advertisements. And to me running my blog for over ten years have become a fairly big thing. As big as being part of the wider shaving community on the ShaveNook, on Reddit, on Mastodon, and – until it implodes and collapses – Twitter.

Looking back, this has been a pretty productive year as far as posts goes. I don’t think I missed a single post, so that is five posts a week for a whole year. Plus a couple of extra posts for special occasions. I released my second book on shaving and razor patents in early spring too, and celebrated the tenth anniversary of my blog. Looking forward, I think the next year should be as productive as well.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, the russian invasion and war crimes in Ukraine, the increased cost of living and all that… as long as I can shave and be part of the community of wetshavers, I think I’ll pull through.

So, forgive me for this ranting and rambling end of year post. I do sincerely hope that everyone of you will have a peaceful new year.

Or as my ancestors would say:

Til árs ok friðar!


  1. I’m fully aware that reality is a bit more complex, but it really boils down to russia feeling they have a right to interfere in neighbouring countries because russia believed they were the stronger part.

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