Auto-Strop store display

So while I was probing around for all things Auto-Strop, I found pictures of a rather interesting store display. Similar in concept to the animated GEM advertisement I mentioned a little while1 back, the Auto-Strop store display takes it one step further. It not only draws the eye with motion, but uses the motion to explain what makes the Auto-Strop unique.

As the sharp eyed reader can surly make out, the store display features a strop and an Auto-Strop razor head. I would assume2 that the box contains an electric motor, a flywheel, and a linkage to make the hand holding the razor move back and forth. As the razor head is moved, the Auto-Strop head would do its thing and flip the blade over for stropping.

All in all a neat piece of shaving and salesmanship history. Today the same thing would been achieved with a small LCD screen and a system-on-a-chip. That would be smaller, cheaper, and much less fun.


All images from here, reproduced under fair use.


  1. Three years is hardly any time at all, is it?
  2. Based on a bit of guesswork.

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