Shaving oddities and razor patents updated

I just finished updating the link page on shaving oddities and patents. I cannot guarantee that I gotten all the posts I’ve made about razor patents, shaving accoutrements patents, and shaving oddities listed. Currently there is two hundred and seventy four (274) links to blog posts about weird and wonderful shaving stuff.

The "Eight shoot revolver razor”, one of many patents and shaving oddities covered on my blog
The “Eight shoot revolver razor”, one of many patents covered

If you like this kind of thing, I also have published a pair of books published. They are available both digitally, in paperback, and in hardcover. You can find both the first and second one on Amazon. And in just a few days there will be a countdown sale on both of my books!

So why not grab yourself a cup of coffee or drink of your choice and spend some time reading?

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