An experiment, take three

There is an idiom in Norwegian, stating that “alle gode ting er tre”. The closest I know of in English is the phrase “third time is the charm”, which has a similar enough meaning.

So keep that in mind. This is, at this stage, a step by step process.

This follows up from an experiment I did earlier, and the second experiment too. I have tried to take into account the feedback y’all have been kind enough to give. And it is because I wanted to try something several of you mentioned, that this is coming a couple of weeks after the last try.

Third take. Remember that you asked for this.

There is more movement now, even if nothing move. Callouts to the drawing is made as things are mentioned in the narration.

Personally I found the text to speech easier, although which is better is a more subjective issue. Another issue with using my own voice is – in addition to my butchering of the Queen’s Own English – my allergy issues. One reason this comes three weeks after the last experiment, is that I was quite stuffy.

Oh, and I found and corrected a typo in one of the slides.

As before, any additional feedback is welcome.

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