Krona vs Knack, according to Solid Shaves

A little while ago I wrote about a rather honest Schick advertisement. If you recall, it was the one where they admitted to losing money on the free razor. Which, as pointed out by a user on Reddit, is a very good illustration of the Razor and Blades economic model. However, and more importantly today, the advertisement also featured a competitors razor… leaving the question as to which would give the more solid shaves.

Now, I personally own neither a Schick Krona nor a Gillette Knack. But Kurt, also known as Solid Shaves, do. And he posted a rather nice comparison of the two on his YouTube channel this weekend.

Solid Shaves’ comparison video.

So therte you have it, straight from the man who would know:

They are both good razors.

If you do find yourself back in 1968 though, you might be better of selecting the Shick. For starters, it’ll be a little cheaper at 89 cents. Secondly, you’ll get twice as many blades. And lastly, as pointed out in the video, it seems a little more aggressive.

Although thinking about it, you may have some trouble explaining why all your banknotes and coins have dates from the future… perhaps a flea marked is a better place to find either razor?

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