Work shave kit

Everyone should have a work shave kit in their locker at work. Sometimes one has to come in early, due to some emergency. Sometimes I don’t get to home, due to some emergency. And sometimes I just sleep in and must shave after getting to work. Therefore I’ve kept a small shave kit in my locker for years.

My work shave kit, as it lives in my locker
My work shave kit.

While the kit is – arguable – minimalist, it also contains all the bits I need for a good shave at work.

The razor is from the TGR shaving kit I bought on a whim some years ago. It punches above it’s price point.

The brush is a cheap synthetic from BodyShop I’ve had for ages. It used to live in my GoBag, until I replaced it with a proper travel brush.

The shave stick is a Derby. It’s a good enough soap. Plenty of slick, not so much cushion.

The blades are, as you can see, Treet. They work well in this razor.

Finally, the aftershave. It is some of Krampert’s prototype menthol, packs a punch and will be missed when it has been used up.

So it is not a huge kit. It is not a fancy kit. But my work shave kit will let me shave at work, for those times when I need it. So what all do you all keep in your lockers at work?

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