Review of Krampert’s Finest Menthol

First a warning: This stuff isn’t for sale – at least not yet. Which means that the first thing you need to do to get hold of it is to ask Krampert to start producing it… which takes money, so perhaps the very first thing you should do is to buy a bottle or two of his Finest Bay Rum… don’t worry, it’s well worth the asking price.

In short, everthing I like about the healing and moisturising properties of Krampert’s Bay Rum is present in his experimental menthol as well – and just like his Bay Rum this is some seriously good aftershave. And just like the Bay Rum, I found myself putting some on even if I havn’t shaved just to enjoy the moisturising properties and great scent.

The major difference is off course the menthol. It is refreshingly cooling on muggy mornings, and if I havn’t woken up before putting it on I sure am awake afterwards – even more so on the days I gotten a minor nick or two.

This is a seriously good aftershave – if you enjoyed Krampert’s Bay Rum, you’ll enjoy his Menthol if (when) it’ll be available.

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