The Norwegian Bessegg, again…

I’ve mentioned the Bessegg brand name before, both the razor and the blades. But recently I learned that the company – which was started in 1927 – was an early adopter of the art of advertisement.

Well, at least if a 1929 book by Thor Bjørn Schyberg on how to make advertising profitable is to be believed.

Advertisement written and drawn by Thor Bjørn Schyberg between 1927 and 1929

So what does this good, profitable advertisement say? Well, not too much.

Do you find shaving to be a bother?
Yes, for who don’t? But that is why you must assume that any man wll be happy to pay 5 or 6 kroner to gain a razor that gives them a comfertable shave for life.
Therefore a Bessegg razor today!

Five or six Norwegian kroner back then is 175 to 210 kroner today – or about 20 to 24 US dollars. So not too stiff of a price, and on level with what a foreign razor would cost. The razor itself looks like quite slick three piece design, that I wouldn’t mind trying hands on.

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