Schick Auto-Band Razor

The Schick Auto-Band Razor was manufactured from the mid sixties to the late seventies. At least, that is what online sources tells me. This makes it a contemporary to another band razors – one that has been called the worst razor of all time. I have no idea if the Schick Auto-Band razor was any better, but at least Schick put the whole mechanism in the replaceable head and not part inside, part outside.

Advertisement for the Schick Auto-Band Razor

It is hard to say if the Auto-Band Razor was one of the first cartridge razor, or one of the last band razors. Either way it don’t seem to have been a massive success.

I guess the lack of success makes it more a band razor than a cartridge razor. After all, cartridge razors are everywhere these days, while an online source I found indicates that half of everyone who bought a band razor switched back to their old razor quickly.

There is of course a good reason to switch back. Traditional safety razors are inherently better from a mechanical point of view. There is no mechanism to hold on to a cartridge that will get worn. The blade alignment is always right. There is no need to replace half the razor when the blade is dull. And they just look less clunky.

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