Self Sharp Adjustable Safety Razor

So I was poking around over at Wikimedia Commons – a great source for free images – today, and once again I found a picture of a razor I’ve never seen or heard about before.

The razor is identified as the Self Sharp Adjustable DE Safety Razor, by the Self Sharp Razor Co., Turlock, California.

Mechanically, the razor is simple. Adjust the lever on the underside to expose more or less blade on one side of the razor – and at the same time less or more on the other. It looks to take standard Gillette style blades.

Waits’ compendium turns up a blank. Google Image Search is not particularly helpful. According to Wikimedia, patent was applied for… but a cursory search at Google Patents reveals nothing.

So if anyone know anything about the Self Sharp Adjustable razor from Turloc, California… drop me a line.

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