Three EverReady marvels!

Vintage razor advertisements can be almost as much fun as old shaving patents. And advertisements from American Safety Razor Company – the result of the 1906 merger between Gem Cutlery Company and Ever-Ready – tends to be good ones. The grinning, shaving, mad-eyed man they used as their logo / mascot makes sure of that.

Clipping from The Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Press Newspaper, April 19, 1922

Looking at the ad, there are a few things that stands out. Apart from the madman with the razor, that is. First of, there is little to differentiate the three sets apart from the box they are in. Secondly, the one dollar sets were made to be sold at three dollar while being worth five dollars. And thirdly, the razor in question is an EverReady 1914.

You can’t argue that paying one dollar for a three dollar set and get a value of five dollars is a bum deal. A century later you’ll pay a lot more for a 1914 in good condition than that.

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