Gillette Meteor?

So while I was poking around online, I found this advertisement for the Gillette Meteor:

“A better shave than with Gillette’s new Meteor I’ve never had.”

Before I saw it, I had never heard about a razor called the Gillette Meteor. The google is of no help either… so I’m reduced to resort to guesswork.

Looking at the date – the 17th week of ’57 – and the photo of the razor. A one piece razor, late ’50s, in a plastic case and three rings around the unflaired knob… hmm… solid safety bar…

Doubtless we’re looking at one of the Super-Speed or Rocket razors. Most likely the later, based on the shape of the knob. Case reminiscent of the No66 set produced in the UK. The razor must have been rebranded for the Norwegian marked to give it a name that Norwegians could more easily pronounce.

As a side note; Basse Hveem was a well known Norwegian speedway and longtrack motorcyclist. He wont the US longtrack championship in 1957.

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