What do shaving and golf have in common?

According to a 1951 advertisement; precision.

At least that is what the advertisement claims is what a trick shoot golfer said. And if you cannot trust an entertainer who had both European royals and New Guinean head hunters among his audience, who can you trust?

That said, a lot of shavers I inherently trust more than a trick golfer thinks the Super Speed is a great razor, even if we’re almost seventy years after this advertisement was printed. And you can’t say that a razor for the price of twenty double edged blade isn’t a good deal… although that might say more about the price of the blades than the razor – a quick online search showed that today the same amount of replacement carts will cost you significantly more than a modern cartridge razor.

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  1. Nice post, i wonder now that wet shaving has become more popular and more razors are beeing made, will the price og blade go up, because of demand, and that many will use them.? Stick to carts, they are great. 😃🤣

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