Old advertisement – four biggest nuisances?

If old advertisements are to be believed, wetshavers in the Olden Days must bave been pretty easy to annoy…

According to this lovely Schick advertisement from 1958, the biggest shaving nuisances are having to touch the blade, having to take apart your razor, wasting time and irritated skin.
I can see the last one being a pain in the posterior, but the other three? Might be marketing desperately coming up with ways the injector outperforms the double edge, might be thin skinned shavers.
A couple of other take-aways; allegedly you can shave faster with an injector than any other razor – other ads from the period suggest up to five times as fast, but I would like to see the data supporting that assessment – and a brand new Schick with twenty blades costed the equivalent of eleven and a quarter US dollar.
As a sidenote the picture in the advertisement clearly shows a late G-type razor, a style that as far as I can find went out of production three years before the ad was printed. Reuse of existing graphical elements, or selling of the last of the old stock?

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