Shout out to Jack and Larry

Jack from over on the Shave Nook – my favourite shaving forum – and Larry from Cold River Soap Works teamed up to send a PIF, and I was overwhelmed when I discovered not just a soap, but two of CRSW’s Glide in my mailbox.

I have some previous experience with Glide as I outlined in March, thanks to a previous PIF via the Nook, and if the scent is anything to go by the Barbiere Sapone and Olfactory Hue are an even better fit for me than the Morning Ghost (and I like the later quite a lot). Both passes my wife’s nose with flying colours too, which is always a bonus when it comes to soaps – not all my soaps do, much to my despair…

So a big shout out to Jack and Larry – thank you for making my shaving journey even more interesting!

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