1933 oscillating razor

Especially designed for those with tender skins and tough beards, a new safety razor employs an oscillating blade to cut the hairs. While the razor is drawn across the face, a pair of friction rollers revolve and cause the whole blade to move sideward with a reciprocating motion, as indicated by arrows in the photograph at left. As a result, this miniature mowing machine is declared to give an unusually close shave with a minimum of chafing and discomfort. The one piece razor may be operated and cleaned with one hand.

Friction rollers? In other words, they put something in the razor that requires you to increase the pressure you put on the skin… which is kinda stupid, seeing as how one of the key to a great shave is to use minimal pressure. I can see why this brilliant idea didn’t take off quite as much as the inventors surely hoped for…

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