There is an app for that – part IV

I have previously mentioned how I found, started to use, and got statistics from the app Shaving Buddy. I liked the app well enough that I sprung for the paid version, and I ended up recommending it to all who need to keep tabs on their shaves. I still do, with one annoying caveat; part of the app seems to be broken.

Well, two parts. But one of them was a part I never used, so…

Until November 1st last year, the app would automagically upload your shave to the cloud and give you an unique URL for it. I never used it, so it is not important to me that it do not work any more.

But what is important to me is that up until the same date Shaving Buddy would easily share my shave with other apps on my phone – such as the WordPress app I use to write my blog. So since that functionality is busted… I am a bit annoyed.

Not annoyed enough to stop using Shaving Buddy, mind you. I can copy-paste my shave into WordPress, so it just takes a few seconds longer. That, and I got almost ten years of shaving data stored in the app – I am not going to give that up easily. But I am annoyed enough to tell you all about it.

I have sent feedback on the fact that it is broken. I have not gotten any response from the developer.

Still a good app. Just a little bit broken.

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