A magical adventure for your face!

I find that playing around with AI – and large language models in particular – can be fun. And as long as you know to take everything they generate with a trainload or ten of salt, they can be useful too. Like when I asked ChatGPT to explain traditional wetshaving to me as if I was five years old… and was told that traditional wetshaving was a magical adventure for my face.

ChatGPT: Shaving is a magical adventure for your face!

Traditional wetshaving is like a magical adventure for your face! It’s when grown-ups use special tools to make their faces super clean and smooth. Here are some cool benefits:

No More Scratchy Beards: Grown-ups don’t like scratchy beards, so they use a soft brush to put some special cream on their faces. It’s like a cozy blanket for their skin!

Zoom-Zoom Race Cars: They have these cool razors that look like race cars! These razors glide smoothly and gently remove the scruffy hair, making their faces feel like a race car track with no bumps.

Bubbles and Foam: Sometimes, they make lots of bubbles and foam with the special cream. It’s like playing with soap in the bathtub, but for their face!

No More Owies: Traditional wetshaving helps them avoid getting boo-boos or cuts because they’re really careful with their special razors.

Smells So Nice: The cream they use smells like fresh flowers or yummy fruits. It’s like sniffing a pretty flower in the garden!

So, traditional wetshaving is like a super fun adventure that helps grown-ups feel clean, smooth, and smell amazing!


So now I am looking forward to the next magical adventure for my face! I’m gonna use my special tools that looks like race cars to make sure I got no more scratchy beard while playing with bubbles and foam. And I will smell like a pretty flower in the garden, while hopefully not getting any boo-boos!

Describing it as a magical adventure for my face may be a fun and silly way to put it… But the AI does manage to hit on the salient on point of what traditional wetshaving is and what makes it appealing.

We shave to look good and feel good.

We uses soft (or sometimes scritchy) brushes to lather up.

We do use cool razors to do smoothly and gently remove the stubble.

Making lather is a big part of the process. A proper or improper lather can make or break the shave.

We hopefully avoid razor burn, shave bumps, nicks, and cuts. Or as the LLM puts it; boo-boos.

And we do smell nice afterwards. At least if my Significant Other is to be believed.

So while a magical adventure for my face isn’t how I would normally describe shaving… it’s not wrong. And it’s certainly a more memorable line than ChatGPT would give me when I asked it to explain traditional wetshaving if as I was ten, fifteen, a grownup, or a retiree.

A magical adventure for your face. What is not to like?

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