Dollarstore find

So I was visiting a newly opened dollarstore (no, not a type – that is the company name) and spotted something I just had to take a couple of photos of.

By itself, a cheap1 shaving brush is nothing I’ve not seen before. But what makes this interesting to me is the material. Almost every single cheap brush I’ve seen in discount variety stores2 are made from nylon or other man made fibers.

But this one claim natural bristle. And the only way I can read that is “boar”. And even a bad boar brush is better than a bad nylon brush in my book.

All in all I’m pleasantly intrigued. I might pick one up lo try out later, even if the last cheap boar I picked up was a shedder.


  1. 30 Norwegian kroner, or about 2.80USD / 2.60 EUR / 2.20 GBP.

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