Incoming Holy Grail razor

We all have a “holy grail razor” – that one razor we would be willing to kill1 for. For me, one of those razors have been a Schick Repeater.

For those less familiar with Schicks, the Schick Repeater is the precursor to the more modern Schick Injectors.2 In the modern day and age, the original Schick repeaters are known as the Type A, B, and C.3

In many ways, the Schick Repeaters – or Magazine Repeating Razor – is reminiscent of a bolt action rifle. The head is swung into line with the magazine in the handle, a plunger is pulled back and then pushed forward. This forces a blade out of the magazine and into the head. The new blade aids in ejecting the old blade.

There are some differences between A, B, and C Repeaters. The obvious one is that the A is cylindrical, while the B and C is more squarish. Within each type there is also minor differences, both in surface finish and packaging.

Which kind of leads me around to my Holy Grail Razor. I can say “mine”; even if it has not yet arrived… it is in the mail.

Silver plated, check. No cap, check. Smooth safety bar, check. Leather sheath, check.

It is a Schick type B1. Identified by the seller as being from 1929, which jives well with when the B1 was offered for sale. As can be seen from the photos, the exterior of the razor seems to be in great shape. How well the internals have fared I don’t know yet, but I am hopeful. Even if there is a bit of dirt and corrosion, I am confident that I can get it up and running with some work.

To me, the a Schick Repeater have been a Holy Grail for a good few years now. And in a few days, it will be in my grubby hands. To say that I am excited is an understatement.

If you wish to learn more, have quite a few patents related to the early Schicks including the one for the Schick Type B.

For more details on how the Schick Repeaters work, I can recommend this page from Razor Emporium.


  1. Figuratively. At least I hope it is figuratively.
  2. I like injectors. Like them a lot, which is why I got three in my rotation.
  3. The Type D, first sold around 1935, is the first modern style injector using a separate loader and key.

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