Black Friday Sale 2022

It’s that time of year when businesses first increase their prices, then slash them down to normal and calls it a sale. It is, in fact, Black Friday again. Unlike some, I do offer genuine discounts on digital copies of my two books on shaving and razor patents.

Prices for both books will be reduced to just 99 US cents. That is 1.98 US dollars for both. A massive 80% discount!

And I do start the sale slightly early, so those of you who are too stuffed with turkey to do much beyond vegetating on the coach can at least read while you’re digesting.

70 razor and shaving patents
Another 80 razor and shaving patents

Covering patents on both fondly remembered and thankfully forgotten razors and shaving accoutrements, these books are meandering journeys through shaving history. To quote from a review on Amazon:

What I appreciate the most is the author’s commentary. He points out the most interesting aspects of the patent in a couple of short paragraphs. This isn’t always obvious from the patent drawing itself, so the author has done the work of reading through the patent and describing the vision and features of the invention.

Dennis, in an AMazon review

The sale starts on Thanksgiving – that is Thursday 24th of November for those of us who don’t live in the USofA – at 1200 GMT / 0700 EST / 0400 PST. The sale is set to last 100 hours, so you can grab a copy all weekend!

70 razor and shaving patents
Another 80 razor and shaving patents

So if you don’t already own a digital copy of my books, now would be a good time to grab one!

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