New single edge razor from BullGoose

While I’m personally a big fan of vintage razors in all forms, new manufacture traditional safety razors are being released frequently. One of the latest I’ve heard about is the Asylum Rx Gen II, soon to be released by Phil from BullGoose Shaving. And he recently showed it of on YouTube.

From BullGoose’s YouTube channel.

It looks like a rather nice razor. It combines the looks and – as far as I can tell – the shaving angle of an injector with the ease of taking apart of the standard double edge three piece razor. And if Phil’s previous razors is any indication, quality will be top notch.

Personally I’m unlikely to get one. Currently I’m using three different shaving systems,1 and I cant justify to myself to add a razor to my rotation that requires a fourth kind of blade.

I am looking forward to reading other shavers reviews thought.


  1. Regular double edge, as well as GEM and Injector single edge.

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