The Retro Wet Shaving Podcast

Dave Dhannoo – known as @DyspraxicShaver on Twitter – is putting out a regular podcast. Known as The Retro Wet Shaving Podcast it is quite regular and regularly features manufacturers and artisans I enjoy. As an example, he recently featured Tatara Razors from Portugal.

I’ve found myself listening to his podcasts while doing chores. To my mind, Dave’s podcast is a great way to turn chores into something interesting. I strongly recommend that you head over to Retro Wet Shaving Podcast and give it a listen.

You can find it right here.

Dave also sometimes tweets about dyspraxia,1 which – while I don’t have any family or friends with that diagnosis – I feel more people ought to educate themselves about.

1) Also known as developmental co-ordination disorder.

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