Proraso Green – a new arrival

Back when I got my first traditional shaving kit – eleven years ago – one of the items in that kit was a tube of Proraso Green shaving cream. It didn’t last too long – it was more than half empty two years later – but I did enjoy it.

It was my only shaving cream while I was in Africa. The cooling menthol and the refreshing eucalyptus worked wonders in the hot and often humid weather I endured there. Even when I got home I reached for it often, despite buying more and more soaps and creams.

And then I kind of forgot about it when it was empty. I just had so many other soaps and creams… so even a solid performer was half forgotten.

Forgotten, that was, until I spotted something in a local low-cost store. Something that I just had to buy.

The new tube is not the cream I first tried as I was preparing to spend a year in Africa. There has been at least one reformulation since last I bought a tube – and I’m not sure the tube I got is the latest formulation. But I am looking forward to taking the new Green Proraso for a spin.

I still have some of the Proraso Green Soap in a tub – used it as recently as yesterday – so I’m in a good position to compare scents and feel. Scent isn’t too far off, judging by just unscrewing the cap, but the real test will be to shave with it.

I can hardly wait. Tomorrow is the day.

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