Dave Shaves on the old European Vending Machine Razor

A couple of years ago, I wrote up a short piece on a vintage European Vending Machine Razor. As a quick recap, it is a razor with stamped sheet metal head and a handle that some shavers like a lot. It was verifiable sold in Germany, and perhaps elsewhere.

Not all that long ago, Dave Shaves – YouTuber and social media personality1 – not only found one, but gave it a shave. His opinions and commentary is well worth taking some time to look at:

While shaving videos usually isn’t my thing2 I found this one worth watching. In part, I suspect, to learn how a razor sold in a vending machine would shave… but also because Dave is more down to earth and less polished than some of the other YouTubers out there.

Not to my huge surprise, the old vending machine razor wasn’t earth-shatteringly good. Decent for a Socially Acceptable Shave, not one for hunting the fabled Baby Butt Smooth Shave with. With an optimized head geometry, I can see this being a better semi-disposable razor than most of todays plastic offerings.

As an aside, please take the time to check David out on social media and YouTube. He has recently taken a big step and needs to grow his presence.

1) Whatever that means… but it sounds good.
2) A lot of them are actually cringe worthy. Talking / shilling up a razor as I can see a neck full of weepers? No thanks.

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