7 o’clock safety razor

Are you worried that the blade in your inexpensive safety razor cannot be stropped without having to take it out of the razor?

Me neither, but if this ever was a worry for you the British 7 o’clock razor was what you wanted. A simple touch of a finger let the razor spring open for stropping and cleaning, and the razor was so simple that nothing could go wrong.1

Robert K Waits mention in his compendium that it’s a different design than the American AutoStrop razors, pointing to a couple of patents.

The ones that are quickest to find online it the US patents 764,574 , 1,061,772, and 1,087,544. Common to all of them is a mechanism to swing the base plate with the open comb down as the blade is swung up for stropping.

(1) If experience is an indicator, there is no such thing as a foolproof device; nature just comes up with a better fool.

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