Good old days; Free razor with new brush

Need a new brush, but think a pure badger is a little expensive? What if we cut the price by twenty percent? Still too expensive? Okay… what about a free safety razor thrown in too, for free? Deal?

The Sandusky Ohio Register Newspaper, May 19, 1932

I’m not sure if they are trying to push the brush and throwing the razor in as a freebie, or if they are pushing the razor by trying to tempt double edge shavers to give it a go when they replace their brush anyhow… either way they either cut deeply into their profits, or their profit margins on the razors and brushes were pretty wide. Regardless this offer should be good value for consumers.

For reference, one 1932 dollar equals a bit shy of 18 dollars today – so you would get 42 dollars value for your money today.

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