More Williams’ Soap advertisements

A trio of vintage Williams advertisements, from 1916, 1917, and 1920.

Popular Mechanics, 1916

First one is from 1916, showcasing the whole line up of shaving powder, shaving liquid, shaving cream and shaving stick – as well as pointing out that the company have been makign soap for seventy five years (technically seventy six, but I’ll allow a bit of fudge in ad copy)

The Literary Digest, January 1917

That smile appeared in 1917, and apparently had not meet the shave before Williams came up with the Big Stick. Or possible the guys writing the copy was stretching the truth a tiny bit…

The Literary Digest, September 1920

Still smiling three years later, although if the text is to be believed the smile is now in the lather. Well, at least in the lather that came from the cream.

Three ads over four years, showing a shift from focusing on the facts – “these are our shaving products and we made them for a long time” – to feelings – “our shaving products will make you smile”. In hindsight, the later approach probably sold more shaving soap.

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