Combination Shaving Set

A quadruple Plate combination shaving set, none the less.. just the thing to avoid shaving in cold water ever again.

A 1896 advertisement from Pairpoint MFG Company

For most of us – close to one and a quarter century after this ad was printed – the idea of not having hot water available on command from the tap in the bathroom is an alien concept. We might choose to shave with cold water, which can be quite refreshing in summer – but it’s a choice we make, and not something we are forced to endure.

True, in the larger cities water pipes and sewers were in place, but if you lived in a rural area there was a good chance that your options were a well and an outhouse (hopefully situated well apart). The option for having hot water for your shave in just two minutes would have been a godsend, and the Combination Shave Set also helped keeping all your shave gear organised.

I’m also reminded of a patent I’ve looked at previously; US144,667 to be exact – titled “Improvement in shaving-mugs” – which covered a shaving mug with a stand and heater. It’s discussed in my book, which you can get both as a paperback or in Kindle format.

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