GEM razor Khaki Service Outfit

Everyone who have a modicum of interest in the history of wetshaving knows the Gillette Khaki Set from the Great War – there is even a very good modern version being offered by Spearhead Shaving Company – but how many today knows of the  GEM Khaki Service Outfit? I didn’t until I started perusing vintage razor advertisements.

While the blades a doughboy got in the Gillette Khaki Set were for all intents and purposes disposable, the GEM Khaki Service Outfit came with a separate handle for stropping the seven blades it came with. So while the Gillette offered vendor lock-in and future costs, the GEM could arguable be seen as a one time investment – if you had a strop, that is.

Ask for the GEM at your dealer, or the Post Exchange, Camp Canteens, or Quarter-master’s Depot.

…however I fear that if you went to a US PX today they would be out of stock.I still want one though.

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