Are disposable razors bad for the environment?

A little while ago I stumbled over an article asking the question: “How bad are disposable razors for the environment?

Turns out they are.. not good. Difficult or impossible to recycle, due to mixed construction. Definitely not bio-degradable, at least not on this planet. They pose a possible safety risk for recycling workers, due to the sharp blades. And to add insult to injury, the packaging is often hard to recycle as well.

Actually; instead of saying “not good”, I should have said “pretty bad”. And most of the same points still hold true for cartridge razors too; even if you hang on to the handle, the cartridges themselves have all the recycling issues a disposable razor has.

There is a better alternative, and since you’re on my blog you can probably guess it already: the traditional safety razors, or even a straight edged razors. These razors lasts forever if looked after with a minimum of due diligence, and the used blades can be easily recycled – although I would suggest using a sharps container or other blade bank to minimise risk of anyone cutting themselves. Most people who put the effort in to learn how to shave properly with them find a significant reduction in razor burn and related issues. And as I showed in a blog post earlier this year; traditional wetshaving can and will save you money down the line, as long as you avoid the worst Acquisition Disorders.

The short version: traditional safety razors and straight edges are better for your face, your wallet and the environment – so they represent a win-win-win situation.

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