Limited edition unbreakable shaving bowls – a special, time limited threat!

As I’ve mentioned before, Pereira Shavery is currently running an indiegogo campaign for their unbreakable shaving mug – which I reviewed a while back and which I like very much, and which I think a lot of you might enjoy too.

Today I learned that they are running a time limited special offer on some of their prototypes, which means that;
– You can get one very quick, since they are already manufactured and just needs to get shipped
– You can get in a bright colour that is fairly unique – as far as I can gather there is only two dozen made in this cheerful green colour, and you can get some!

If the one I have was in this colour, I would never have to look around to spot it. It’s bright, it’s cheerful, and I’m tempted to get one myself in addition to the prototype I received earlier.

To get yours – and you have to move fast, the offer is only good for a little while – follow this link and claim one or two.

Please note that the offer is limited to two per backer; one for home and one for travel, or one for you and one for a friend.

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