Thoughts on shaving while travelling

Once again my job have made me go places to do stuff, and once again I have been shaving out of my GoBag… and once again I’m reminded by what I miss most when not shaving in my own den.

Not quality razors; I actually have two of those in my kit, a vintage Gillette and a more modern Merkur.
Not a good brush; the Omega travel boar is a great performer and a good trooper.
Not good lather; the BEA shave stick I picked up in Spain a few years ago is all that and more.
Not my alum; I got a handy dandy travel sized one in a push up container.
Not a nice aftershave; I got a small bottle of Krampert’s Finest, and it’s fine indeed.
Not a beard oil; I keep a small bottle of Wet Shaving Products Matterhorn in with the rest of my gear.

No.. what I miss is what I don’t have… choice. Apart from the option of picking one of two razors, every single shave when Im on a trip is the same gear. Same brush. Same lather. Same aftershave. Same, same, same.

I do realise that some guys find their perfect setup and stick to it – one razor, one brush, one soap. I can’t do that. I cannot imagine going back to the dark age of always shaving with the same gear when there is choices available. I relish on rotating my razors and brushes. I enjoy agonising over what soap to use any given day, and which of my aftershaves I can pair it with.


I miss that when travelling…

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