Shaving with a semi-disposable DE

The sharp eyed observer probably saw yesterday that I shaved with the interesting injection moulded DE I mentioned last week. And the verdict is… not bad at all, all things considering.

Yes, it feels flimsy and the balance is off with most of the weight in the head.
Yes, it’s really sensitive about getting the angle just right.
Yes, it’s plenty aggressive and with an unknown blade that’s not the sharpest.

But once I got the angle dialed in, it chomped through several days worth of stubble with ease and left me with a DFS in two passes.

Now, I’m not saying we shouldn’t get our high end (or even mid-range) razors and enjoy them to their full potential. But I am saying that we shouldn’t stick our noses up at the low end razors, because some of them can be surprisingly nice to shave with. By the end of the week I’ll put this razor – along with a good blade – in my locker at work, for those emergency shaves that sometimes crop up.

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