Discount at Pereira Shavery for my readers

I am pleased to announce that readers of my blog will get 10% discount at Pereira Shavery from today until the 31th of May 2018, if you contact them by email and use the code WW10%. You can read the review of their soap in a separate post.

Their website is at and has the necessary contact information. More information on and pictures of their products can be found at their Facebook page and Instagram at #pereirashavery

To the best of my knowledge their current products and prices is as follows:
Comb Sandal Wood 2 Sided 9.00 €
Comb Pear Tree 2 Sided 6.00 €
Comb Multi-Utility Beard 6.00 €
Strop Paddler Wood Small 11.00 €
Comb for Beard Gromming “V” shape 1 edge 9.00 €
Comb for Beard Grooming  “V”  shape 2 edges 10.00 €
Towel Pereira Shavery Embossed 7.00 €
Shavette Razors: with one finger ring 14.00 €
Shavette Razor straight 12.00 €
Shaving Brush Boar Hair 15.00 €
Shaving Soap With Activated Charcoal in Aluminum Dish 10.00 €
Shaving Soap with Activated Charcoal in Ceramic Dish 25.00 €
Shaving Soap with Activated Charcoal in Ceramic Dish And Ceramic Foam Mug 52.00 €
Shaving Soap plastic with Orange and Cinnamon 12.00 €
Strop Belt style 40 cm with leather ties 20.00 €
Strop Belt Style 46 cm Made of Cow Leather 22.00 €
Strop in Beechwood and Real Cow Hide large size 55.00 €

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