Brushes to pasture

Quite a long time ago – well, before mid May 2012 at least – I picked up a couple of cheap and cheerful “horse hair” brushes from a Turkish online shave shop. About one year later I PIFed the No6 to a new wetshaver and got myself the “new and improved No6“. Since then both the new No6 and the No7 have been in my rotation, and given great service despite costing about the same as a small cup of coffee each.

I have however decided to retire both… the No7 is starting to develop a bit of a gape in the middle (I’ve been accused of abusing my brushes; I twist and swirl in the soaps), and even if the No6 haven’t I feel that it has served well and deserves a rest – in part since I got plenty of other brushes I can use, and want to use.

So like my Yuma which I retired earlier this year, these will go on the shelf for now… perhaps to be taken down at some point for old times sake.

Like the YUMA these brushes prove that when it comes to traditional wetshaving, inexpensive don’t mean it’s not good enough. And for a beginner – as I was when I bought these – inexpensive can be a lot more gentle on both the wallet and the mindset of the shaver.

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