A nice, old Barber’s Supply catalog

Thanks to a link at my favourite shaveforum, I present the 1884 catalogue from Theo. A Kochs in Chicago.

A few fun finds in the catalogue:

Kochs’ Barbers’ Chair No 9 with a grand and stately appearance, yours for 70$.
Kochs’ Modern Reclining Barbers’ Chair No 1, covered by patent and costing 25$.
A 72 hole Mug Case with Base can be yours for 25.50$, and might be just enough to store your soaps.
A range of Barbers’ Poles, ranging from 2$ and up to 15$.
A nice selection of designs for mugs.
Brushes – No 87 and 90 is particularly adapted for shop use.
Bay Rum and Hair Oil – at 2$ per gallon (3.8 litre)

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