Brushes – on a budget!

To quote myself from a post I made over at my favourite shave forum:

If the brush whips up a good lather and it feels okay on your skin, then it’s a good enough brush in my book – a more expensive brush will feel better / last longer / look better, but it won’t shave better.

With that in mind, here is my current brush collection minus my travel brush* and shaving-at-work brush** (click the pictures to make them bigger). None of these are budget breakers, and all of them makes great lather and feels great-to-good on my face.

 As they sit on my shaving shelf – the tray is just to help organise them.
Spread out for  easy viewing

 Semogue “The Shave Nook 2012 Limited Edition” mixed boar-badger
 Vie-Long #12705B natural white pure horse
 Turkish No6 ‘horse hair’
 Omega #10048 boar bristle
 Turkish No7 ‘horse hair’
 Wilkinson Sword Badger
 Vie-Long #13051M unbleached pure horse
Vie-Long #14033 mixed horse-badger

*) A lovely Omega 50014 boar
**) An okayish Body Shop synthetic

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