From samples to puck

Back when I first heard about Mike’s Natural Soaps, I naturally wanted to try all of them… so I bought a whole boatload of samples.

Some I finished off, a couple got integrated into the tins I bought later, and some… just hung around. Got used on occasion, but not often. Part of the reason why is that chasing a small piece of soap around the bottom of a tupperware isn’t a great way to lather up, part is that there were scents that wasn’t my favourites.

In an effort to tidy up and get some use of out the leftover samples, I decided to combine them into something I call Mike’s Mixed. The process was simpler and quicker than expected, taking less than ten minutes from start to finish – including some time in the fridge, because I’m impatient at times.

First, gather all the leftover samples. In my case, it was Lime, Unscented, Coconut, Lavindin & Eucalyputs, Barber Shop, and Orange,Cedarwood & Black Pepper.

Place all in a suitable container – I used an empty RazoRock jar, simply because I have it and the lid closes tightly.

Place the container with the soap in a bowl of near boiling water, and add a little less than a teaspoon of boiling water to the mix.

After a minute or so the soap melts, letting you tamp it down and get rid of any air that is trapped. Smooth the top off after removing it from the hot water.

Let it cool, make a label… and that is it. One puck of Mike’s Mixed, ready to use.

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