Reasons for cuts while shaving

Shaving made easy is a book from 1904 that I have mentioned before on my blog.. it’s an interesting read and it’s free (as in beer), so why not download it and give it a read? Even if it’s 110 years since the book was printed, the advice given is just as valid.

On my latest read through of it, I spotted the following sage advice:

If a man cuts himself while shaving, it is usually due to certain causes that are easily avoidable. The principal causes are six in number:

  • First—Attempting to shave with a dull razor.
  • Second—Using a sharp pointed razor.
  • Third—Shaving with a razor that is too hollow ground, so that the edge springs and bends on the face.
  • Fourth—Holding the razor improperly.
  • Fifth—Shaving upward against the growth of the beard.
  • Sixth—Shaving in too great a hurry.

If you will avoid these mistakes and exercise proper care, you will seldom cut yourself. But when you do, it will be well to know how to treat the wound. If it be slight, the bleeding may sometimes be checked by using pressure. Covering the fingers with a towel, simply press the cut together. If this does not stop the flow, use an astringent. The styptic pencils, made especially for this purpose, are the best, and may be obtained at any store where barbers’ supplies are kept. In case you should not have the pencils, alum may be used. In any event do not be discouraged, for such accidents sometimes happen to the best barbers.

I suspect the second and third reasons don’t quite apply to those of us using a DE or SE, but the other four holds true.

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