More old clippings – modified razor

To obtain an extra close shave with a standard type double-edge safety razor, I filed off all the guard teeth on one side of the razor holder except the two end ones. I first shave rapidly with the guarded side and then finish more cautiously with the unguarded side. There is very little danger of cutting oneself because the tooth left at each end forms a satisfactory guard. It is important, however, not to remove them. Experiments made with a razor having all the guard teeth filed off on one side revealed that the corners of the blade were likely to cause small cuts, no matter how carefully the razor was used.—P. W. Calhoun.

Uhm… not for me. If I want a more aggressive razor, or a razor that cuts closer to the skin, I just reach for one of my other razors. For the curious and/or experimental shaver it might be worth a shot though.

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