A clip on light for your razor


A New-Safety Razor with a Lamp Attachment
AN Englishman, weary of bloodshed, has bethought him of a means of enlightening the gloomy and otherwise dangerous ritual of the shave. He has invented a miniature electric lamp provided with an adjustable clip and flexible cord which may be attached to the razor and light the path of the blade through the tough bristles of the human face.
With his lamp attachment one may plunge fearlessly into the blackest depths of a three days’ growth of beard and emerge from the ordeal unscathed. The lamp is attached to a conventional type of razor by a simple clip. It travels with the blade or with the motion of the hand. By looking in the mirror the man shaving himself can determine just what progress he is making and whether or not he is going to come through the operation with his two ears intact.
The lamp clip can be attached to any one of the many makes of safety razors. The inventor is now busy on another lamp attachment for the old type of razor.

Gloomy and dangerous my bum… well, maybe it was in August of 1916.

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