Shaving on the Go

While a well selected, well packed travel shave kit will – normally – allow you to shave on the Go… you still need a suitable place to do the actual shave. A tad of water, decent light and not being stressed out is all I ask for… honestly.

I have pondered solutions to this issue…

  • An electric sounds like an option, until you realise you won’t always have the option to plug it in or recharge.
  • Dry shave! Did that once or twice, back when I was still using carts. Results in many, many bumps, nicks and swears.
  • Hammer the stubble in and bite them off on the inside – or maybe not, come to think about it.
  • Let it grow… as much as it galls me.

Shaving on the Go helps normalise the situation a bit for me… but it seems like there will be times I can’t do that.

Yes, I’m a little annoyed.

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