Pay It Forward

Wetshaving in the internet-age isn’t just about getting a damn fine shave while (potentially) spending significantly less money that you would if you went for canned goo and cartridges.

It is also about – at least for some of us – social interaction with others with whom we share a hobby. Being active on an online forum means you get to share hints, tips and sometimes more… many wetshavers are happy to Pay It Forward, which can both serve to give other shavers a chance to try something new as well as culling the horde some of us accumulate.

To mark my 1000th post over at The Shave Nook – a  very friendly and open minded shaving forum – I decided to pay forward a tub of Mama Bear’s Brazilian Coffee that I’ve barely touched. With luck the guy who got it will enjoy it – and in time pay the favour forward.

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