A suggested 20$ starter kit for new wetshavers

A while ago – well, several months ago – I came up with a suggested 10$ starter kit. Now it’s time again, and I’m doubling the ante. As the last time, postage is NOT included; mostly because postage varies wildly depending on where you are in the world.

Total cost as listed is either 20.07$ or 19.52$, depending on your choice of blades. The first option will give a new wetshaver more blades to experiment with, and I have good experiences with all of them. The second option will give a new wetshaver fewer blades, and of only one brand, but it’s a very good blade – my current fall back blade in fact.

Like in the 10$ kit I have opted for the Turkish No6 – I honestly feel that you cannot beat it in the low cost end of the brush market. The quality can be a bit spotty, that is true, but the rewamped model seems to be more solidly constructed than the old one and it is a solid performer.

I have not added any pre or post shave treatments to the suggested kit – I wanted to put in a bottle of Krampert’s Finest but that would have added another 50% to the cost… but then again changing the pre and post shave isn’t critical if you’re changing from cartridges to DE. What you done so far will still work – perhaps a bit more care taken to wash and rinse before shaving.

In addition I would suggest borrowing a small bowl from the kitchen to make lather in, as well as setting aside a few hours to go online and read up on how to get a Damn Fine Shave.

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